How writing an anonymous blog makes you appreciate your network

As exciting as it has been to start writing this blog, one thing is more than scary – the traffic.

And I’ve gone quite (I thought) ambitious about it: there’s a Twitter and Facebook page, I try to spread the word. Silence.

And one thing I really miss, and will even more in future as things get more serious and posts more structured, is the dialogue and feedback, the conversation with whoever’s on the other side.

But one thing it made me realize is how great my non-anonymous network is! I am certainly not great at networking nor is my Facebook or LinkedIn network that large (though it’s quite all right). But it rarely happens that a Facebook or LinkedIn post, or even update, remains without a like or comment, sometimes from people I know care, sometimes from those I almost forgot myself. If I could only drop my idea of being anonymous here, and post this blog to my personal network, it would feel like such a relief!

But, I’m still going to try it the hard way!

As a reflection, I think that starting an anonymous page like this would be a wonderful exercise at all those workshops where people complain they have hundreds of LinkedIn contacts or Facebook friends, and yet they find their network dead and useless (“my friends don’t have a job for me!” I once heard). Well, network is, I believe, more about the possibility to reach out. And those hundreds of people who will see your next post, with few of them who’ll click a Like below it – they are quite a treasure you can reach with just one click of your mouse! What if they weren’t there?

Conclusions hmm:

  • Do appreciate your network!
  • Next time you post a picture of your cat on Fb or a new paper on LI, and get all those likes – think of what if your post had NO reaction at all, what if there was only black darkness behind your screen into which your message falls? what if you were unconnected, all alone?
  • See the parallel – if you do post you look for a job, or send a message asking about a company somebody works in, you will get answers! Now imagine not being able to do it at all. Network might not GET you the job, but it will teach you, inform you, and get you so much closer to it.

Well, this blog is still deep in the internet darkness. But, chins up, I’m waiting bravely for my first comment 😀


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