The reflections of a young blogger, part II

I guess part I was the post on writing an anonymous blog, and how it should be an exercise for all of those complaining about their networks.

It’s been such a good feeling the past 2 days to finally see some people wandering by here! And although the truth is it is not my own success, but rather the heated discussion about the “Getting noticed…” piece that brings you here, it feels great that my words do not all fall into the darkness any more.

So, just taking the opportunity and saying hi! to anybody that wanders by!

Meantime, Science Anyways changed its layout. It suddenly became obvious to me that the previous font was small and gray, hardly readable. Why hasn’t it occured me earlier? No idea. Learning curve. But this is certainly the thing I’ve been realizing all along this little writing adventure: at every step there is something new you need to tackle and learn. But ah, we scientists love all the tackling and all the learning, don’t we?

Happy almost-weekend everyone 🙂


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