Want to write? Write.

Busy days, finishing another grant, this time working hard against the dealdine, that mercilessly approaches every day and… you know what? I feel almost ready! Having just written the fourth grant in a row to get funding for my project, I feel like I can describe it in so many ways now and approach my own work from different angles.

Well, despite what people tend to think, science is far from being carved in the stone – it’s a dynamic beast, changing every day you go to work! The art of research is to tame it, to give it a name, feed some warm milk, and after months of patience (intertwined with despair) finally have it crawl up your lap and purr – then you know you’ve got it. You got that project right.

But back to grant writing. The obvious truth, probably not unfamiliar to any blogger, is that the more you write, the better you write. Months of writing my grants (and before that my PhD thesis and papers) have made their impact and even if it was a slow process, I do think I’ve improved.

Hence, conclusions are simple today: if you want to write – write. Write regularly, write frequently, write, write, write. (And yes, they will still edit you, no matter how good you get 🙂 ).


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