The unhealthy conferences…

No, it’s not the buffet. Or evening drinks. It’s viruses. Just that.

It’s becoming a pattern – any time I go to an international conference, I end up sick the very second day. Despite it being a repeated experience, I never have paracetamol on me. So I ask around, get some from a hotel room-mate or run out in a coffee break, only to be hit by the cultural shock (no, in this country we don’t sell paracetamol in supermarket, you can only get some from a Pharmacy). And then I take my precious pills with my coffees and try to keep awake and even be social…

As fit for a biologist, I have my own theory on the matter. It is as obvious as unverified, and says that because of the mixing of people from different sides of the world – both met at the conference, and on your way at the airports and/or train stations – you get exposed to a range of new virus forms that your system is not resistant to. No ready-made antibodies, and you “fall like a fly” (as we say in the home country…).

So here I am, feverish, in my hotel room, hoping to survive the last day tomorrow and travel back. Because… yes – it’s science any-ways.


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