Back in work whirlpool…

…where days pass and suddenly you realize it’s the next week already, next month already, and you still keep planning but haven’t done any experiments yet, so it has to be a long hard-working day tomorrow and you’ll finally move it and rock it, and get stuff done, and then… then you get proofs of your paper, due in 2 working days. As always in science: it’s ying-yang, it’s “yey my paper’s getting out there” and it’s “oh no, another urgent thing to do ASAP and to postpone some other important things”.

Conclusions: I’m busy. But I have to write here more often: some good ideas I incubate might be lost in the end if I don’t.

Wish some people pushing for scientists to communicate more tried the scientific work whirlpool for a week.

Speaking of which, there’s a piece on science communication in my pipeline. Coming soon. Soonish. Ok, honestly, a bit later, when I breathe again…


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