Personality crash

I have started my post-doc less than a year ago, and compared to the place where I did my PhD I always felt I get on much easier with people around me in my current place. And I will not complain today.

I will just say that meeting one black sheep just makes you appreciate all the rest even more! And yet, it shows also how sensitive science is to social interactions.

Obviously we are all aware of it. In today’s science world “networking” and “collaboration” are the daily key words that hardly leave your mind. Whether you’re a people person or not, you have to brush up on social skills, smile up, stick that hand out and start your factory-tape of introductions and elevator pitches…

It took me time, as a rather introverted person, to observe and learn bits of this and that on the matter. And although I have always been happy on my own, I had to learn to reach out to people, I pushed myself to be more interactive, to share, discuss, to not be afraid and knock at people’s door instead of writing a 10th e-mail… (Writing’s so nice. But sometimes it just doesn’t get the stuff done…).

And yet in this case I rest my arm. The more I try, the worse it gets. I feel I need to leave that person alone. I have to work with them, and loving my science I will get that data even if I have to smile through my raging heart and boiling mind…

I just hope they are as good of a technician as I was made to believe they are. Because, after all, I don’t have to be friends with every person I work with. But when it comes to the quality of my data, well then, I do take it personally. Very very much so.


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