It’s about doing science. Staying in science. Or leaving. Or staying again. Or why we can’t decide. And some more post-doc drama.

The author is a quite freshly-graduated PhD with a few months of post-doc experience, and untameable enthusiasm for risky but oh-so-exciting projects. These pages might therefore feature some occasional high-toned if humorous appraisals of science, but also level-minded critique of the world of academia, from postdoctoral yet possibly objective and logical point of view. The author does not predict falling into self-pity and complaint mode about the big bad academia world, even if the author is also hardly sure to survive in that world. Hence, there might appear some musings of alternatives, choices, career plans… Still, the author strongly feels that whatever happens, happens, but it’s gonna be… science anyways.

You can find Science Anyways at Twitter @scienceanyways (follow follow, hashtags pending 😦 ), or mail at scienceanyways@gmail.com. Hope to see you, here and there!


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